Sextortion Scam!

There's no limit to how low these scum bag scammers will stoop. They are disgusting human beings and there's nothing they won't try. We've heard them in scam centre recordings saying things like "We focus on the bottom line. That is how we measure our success. We don't give a s*** about the customers" and break out into laughter.

Courtesy Jim Browning on YouTube.

We recently had a gentleman in his 80's answer a home phone call. The caller, a scammer immediately opened up the conversation with an accusation. He said, "Your computer's IP address has been used to search for child pornography 5 times". He continued by telling the gentleman that he was a Microsoft technician and would have to report this to cybersecurity. He then immediately provided a fake case number and asked to verify his full name and address.

The gentleman panicked and of course argued his innocence. The scam caller then changed his tone and offered support via the popular GoToAssist remote desktop application. He said that if this wasn't the case that he could help the gentleman change his IP address to avoid criminal charges.

Unfortunately, our gentleman fell for this tactic and subsequently downloaded GoToAssist and allowed the scammer to remotely access his computer. He then went on to tell the gentleman that his antivirus system was no good and that he needed to get proper protection and that's why his IP address had been stolen. The gentleman said he could check with his IT guy and the scammer began to play on his technical insecurities asking the gentleman if he knows anything about computers and was abusively asking "why are you fighting me on this decision? you don't know anything about this problem". The scammer then showed the victim a command prompt dialogue listing his local internet protocol (IP) address and changed it (this has no impact on the internet whatsoever it's just playing on your lack of technical expertise).

He then ran a program called "Advanced Password Manager" and claimed that all of these passwords were exposed and at risk. This software instantly scrapes the usernames and passwords from your internet browsers and compiles them in one easy to read list. It's not easy for your sake, it's easy for the scammer as they are about to hit the jackpot. Below you can see the software running, we, of course, blurred out the real customer details. You would otherwise see every username and password side by side right next to the site they are used for. You can see on the left 2 PayPal accounts and a Commonwealth bank account... yikes!

But wait, there's more... the scammer then went on to try and convince the victim that he needed a powerful cybersecurity system called SonicWall (no longer available) for USD 960.00 to prevent this from ever happening again. It wasn't enough for this scumbag scammer to steal all of this gentleman's passwords he wanted to charge him AUD 1200 for the service!

Scammers turn our stomach and I'm sure you can imagine just how sick our gentleman in his 80's was feeling. It's the kind of stuff that leads to heart attacks, depression and worse.

If you think our protection could benefit you, or someone you love then please share this with them. Most of the people in my family are now running a copy of bSafe anti-scam and it puts my mind at ease.