Scammed By Your AntiVirus!?

I know what you're thinking, there's no way any good reputable antivirus company is scamming people. And you're right, there isn't any that are intentionally doing it.

Not intentionally... but it is happening.

We'd like to share a story from a woman that has been a long time customer, she is a savvy business person and more than competent on the computer.

The story begins when she bought a brand new computer. She of course wanted to install her antivirus tools to keep her safe on the internet.

When she tried to install it she'd reached her activation limit. Which meant she'd have to call her antivirus company to remove her old PC and activate this one. All seems well and good to this point.

Unfortunately for her, even though she had called the correct support number (and we verified this), she was speaking to a rogue employee in one of their international call centers.

The employee told her that he couldn't help and supplied a number for her to call to get assistance with this particular issue.

Yes, you guessed it, the number was for a scam call centre.... yikes!

She called the number provided and not long after was convinced to allow them to access her computer remotely in order to fix the problem. I mean, why wouldn't she? She called her antivirus company using the number on their website!

Sadly, this was the beginning of a remote desktop scam during which she was told to pay up or lose all of her files.

Here's an article to this happening to another customer using Trend Micro, a trusted and popular antivirus solution.

Trend Micro Employee Stole Customer Data to Help Scammers

Scams are so prevalent, most people don't report them and we genuinely have no idea just how many and how often these terrible, criminal acts occur.

Even though she had 100% done the right thing she got caught in a scam. If she had bSafe anti-scam installed, at the very point she was prompted to use remote access she wouldn't have been able to proceed. She would have contacted us, most likely to report this as a bug, and we would be feeling very satisfied that we were able to prevent yet another scam.

This is just another reason why we decided to make a brand new layer of protection to keep you safe from scammers.

If you think our protection could benefit you, or someone you love then please share this with them. Most of the people in my family are now running a copy of bSafe anti-scam and it puts my mind at ease.