Scammed By A Canon Printer!?

This is quite an interesting story (mainly pictures) as it highlights just how easily you can slip up and become a scam victim.

It all starts with a customer trying to set up their Canon printer...

This customer had, like we would always suggest, referred to his instruction manual on how to set up his Canon printer.

He browsed through the manual and it directed him to go to

When you're going directly to a website you should always enter this in the very top bar in your browser, this is the URL bar and will take you directly to whatever site you enter.

This was the first slip up, unfortunately, instead of typing the address in the URL bar he instead typed it in the central box. This is a pretty simple mistake but the outcomes are quite different.

Typing in the central box or search box means that instead of being taken directly to the correct website he instead searched Google, for

As you can see there are quite a few results and near the top is our scam website, not a Canon website although it looks very close to the real thing. This listing uses multiple times in the title and description, however if you pay close attention to the actual address its taking you to

The difference being instead of a forward slash / this site uses a hyphen - in it's address.

That slight change is going to take you somewhere you don't want to be.

This fake Canon website initially takes you to a page where you search for your model of canon device. No matter what you enter you're greeted with this fatal error which encourages you to call them directly instead.

Up to this stage, there isn't really any reason to believe that you're being scammed. What follows is a phone call to a scamming organisation who make a living deceiving you and I. Their scam always begins with getting you to give them remote access to your computer so that they can support you. By this point it's already too late and so much damage can be done. You've just been scammed.

With bSafe anti-scam installed, even though you may have been tricked into downloading remote software, just before the damage is caused our software would have intervened and completely disabled it. This inability to access the remote desktop tools then highlights to the user that there's potentially something quite wrong happening. bSafe anti-scam will not allow you to open the tools which means at the very least you might reach out to us with a complaint. We're more than happy with this because it likely means we stopped you from being scammed and that makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside!

If you think our protection could benefit you, or someone you love then please share this with them. Most of the people in my family are now running a copy of bSafe anti-scam and it puts my mind at ease.