How We Were Hacked By Remote Access

Don't panic, this is a story about how we were hacked in the past and one of the many reasons why we created bSafe anti-scam...

As you're hopefully aware, we're pretty competent when it comes to using computers and it's pretty hard to get something by us. We definitely wouldn't let a scammer on our computer by remote access, right?

Well, we kinda did. But it wasn't our fault...

In the past, we used TeamViewer mainly to support our customers, by accessing their computers remotely to fix issues.

One day to our absolute shock and horror we found hundreds of documents and windows open on the computer, every bank and Paypal style website you could think of was open and our mouse was moving around the screen on its own. We'd been hacked, a scammer was searching high and low for sensitive information and passwords.

We later checked through the logs, the scammer had accessed the computer 3 times during the day, the most recent was for over 40 minutes.

After seeing our mouse moving around the screen it was battle stations, we immediately disconnected the internet and begun trying to figure out what we could have possibly done to cause this. I mean, how stupid of us, letting a scammer on our computer, but how? We didn't intentionally let anyone on our computer! We couldn't find any reason, our antivirus/antimalware was fully up-to-date, firewalls working properly even our additional pi-hole DNS blocking which enables even more protection on a home network was fully operational. Once we'd removed TeamViewer and cleaned the computer we took to the internet in search of answers. To our amazement, TeamViewer had been hacked and because we had their software installed on our machine we fell victim, through no fault of our own. That's pretty scary, someone had direct control over our computer with access to any files and information as if they were sitting at our desks. Unfortunately over the years TeamViewer and other remote desktop applications have been hacked on more than one occasion. Don't believe us? See for yourself. This took a couple of minutes to find on

I had a conversation with a close friend recently...

He said, "your new software bSafe, do you use it? I doubt you'd need it right because you know what you're doing?"

I think my reply caught him a little off guard, I said "after experiencing the horror of watching your mouse moving around your screen and someone rifling through your stuff through no fault of your own? Absolutely I use it. I know exactly what I'm doing on a computer but even so having bSafe running in the background means that I know even if our other tools for remote support get hacked, no one is getting on my PC again".

I didn't really think of bSafe as something suitable for an advanced PC user, I imagined it as a way to help people protect themselves against that one vulnerable moment where they get caught out. But I'm glad we've gone to the effort of creating it, it keeps even my own mind at ease.

If you think our protection could benefit you, or someone you love then please share this with them. Most of the people in my family are now running a copy of bSafe anti-scam and it puts my mind at ease.