Does AntiVirus Stop Hackers & Scammers?

This is a popular misonception and we hear it a lot.

Many people believe their antivirus and antimalware programs protect them from hackers and scammers. To put this simply, they do not. Why? They do not prevent remote access tools from operating on your computer, because those tools, for example TeamViewer, AnyDesk etc. are not viruses or malware.

This very fact is one of the primary reasons why scammers and hackers focus heavily on using remote desktop tools to gain access to your computer. With access they have as much power as they would sitting at your desk. They can access all files and information on your PC and even things like your saved passwords in your internet browser. We've seen this plenty.

There is no antivirus or antimalware which protects you from remote access, period.

bSafe anti-scam is a hand's-off tool which actively prevents any form of known remote desktop/access tools from being able to operate on your PC, bSafe is the only solution keeping you safe from remote access hacks and scams.