Are you seeing a similar dialogue box on a regular basis?



If so, it may mean you have an unwanted application installed on your computer. Each time you turn it on, the software attempts to start itself and in turn, bSafe anti-scam will do its job and close the application. But this is an endless cycle.

bSafe doesn't yet uninstall unwanted applications. We need a little hand from you to complete the task.

Rest assured, it is super easy, just follow these 3 simple steps...


Step 1

On your keyboard press the Windows and R keys at the same time. As illustrated below. This will open a 'Run' window:



Step 2

In the 'Run' window text box type 'appwiz.cpl' as illustrated below and click OK:



Step 3

Look throughout the list for the problematic program. In our example, we're looking for an application called AnyDesk.

As below, select the application and click the Uninstall/Change button.

Click Yes if there's a dialogue box and then follow the uninstaller until it is complete. Usually this just comprises of pressing the Next button until it's complete.



All done.​

If you're having any trouble please contact our support team via email